Favourite Nail Varnishes

I must admit I am the ultimate girls girl and you will rarely catch me without my nails done! After years of having gel nails and shellac, the past few months I have been giving my nails a complete rest and only wearing nail varnish. Of course at first it was a big adjustment for me as I was so used to having either gel nails or shellac on but as time has went on I have gotten used to it. I also really enjoy painting my nails and changing the colour more often. It was safe to say that my nails definitely needed a rest and some time to breath.

I’ve put together a few of my favourite nail shades for this Summer and since the Summer is coming to an end I have also included some colours are really like for the Autumn.

A really important thing to remember is to always use a base coat. A base coat is great for protecting your nail under the nail varnish. particularly if you are using dark colours you want to ensure that you are preventing your nail from getting stained.

I really like the below product ‘ Diamond Shine’ from Sally Hanson. it works as a base coat while also protecting your nail.

sally h


Now onto colour first up is Rimmel 60 seconds shine in shade 558 WILD-ER-NESS.


I really like this colour, its from the Rita Ora range and I think that it is a shade that would remind you of her. I think it a really nice Summer colour that you can wear on your hands or feet – even both! I have used this colour a lot this Summer and it was on my toe nails for my trip to Malta and lasted for the whole week.


The second colour that I have been loving this Summer is another Rimmel nail colour. Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish in SOUL SESSION. This one is from the Kate Moss range. I really love this colour because it is really subtle so you can wear it with anything. It also means that if it chips you can’t really notice it which is really handy!

soul session


Now for coming into the Autumn, I think the below colour ‘Como Se Llamma?’from OPI is gorgeous. It is a really rich colour that is lovely for this time of year.


Staying with the coral colours the below two nail varnishes from Essie are really on trend for Autumn. The first colour is called ‘Style Stunner’ and  the second is ‘Capri’.

the next colour is from Sally Hansen this is the perfect transition colour from Summer into Autumn. This shade is called ‘Pretty Piggy’.

sally hansen pretty piggy

Finally you need to make sure that you put a top coat on top of these colours. A top coat will give your nail varnish an extra gloss and also help to prevent chipping. A top coat that like to use is  is Sally Hansen ‘Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat’ this top coat also helps makes your nails stronger.

sally hansen top coat

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, all the products mentioned are available to buy in most pharmacies nationwide. If you are having trouble trying to locate them please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks a million for taking the time to read this post.

Sarah-Ann x


nail varnish

Favourite Nude Lipsticks

I’m a typical girlie girl and love lipsticks! I love nothing more than a nude lip. They definitely make up most of the lipsticks I own. I’ve pulled together a few of my favourites.

The first shade is from Mac. I just don’t think you can go wrong with a lipstick from Mac. I find their lipsticks great quality, they don’t dry your lips and are long lasting. This shade is called Blankety it is quite a pink nude.

You can shop this shade here.

blan 3

The next shade is also from Mac. This shade is called Viva la Glam II. I love this shade it is an ultra creamy shade that glides onto the lips. It’s also a pinky nude.

You can shop this shade here.

viva la glam 2

The next shade is from Mac. The shade is called Velvet teddy. This is a no shine matte lipstick. It really suits people with a darker complexion.

You can shop this shade here.

velvet teddy

The next product is actually a lip tint and its from Inglot. The shade is number 17. I really like this product. It gives a really rich colour and lasts on your lips for hours. That’s one of the benefits. This is a matte finish and I really like to pair it with the Inglot lip gloss in shade 73.

You can shop lip paint here and the lip gloss here.

Inglot Lip tint   Ing lip gloss

The next lipstick is from Kiko. Unfortunately there is no Kiko shop in Ireland but you can pick up their products online. There products are such good value too. This is one of my favourite shades. It is called 402 peachy nude.

You can shop this lipstick here.


The next shade is from Charlotte Tilbury. It is a lovely creamy texture and it applies to the lip really well. This shade is called Bitch Perfect.

You can shop this product here.


I could continue on and list so many more favourites but I would be here all day! I’ve really tried to narrow this down to my current favourites.

Thanks so much for taking that time to read this post.

Sarah-Ann x

Kevin Murphy Product Review

A few weeks ago I decided to splash out and treat myself to some Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner. The salon I go to uses it and I always like the way my hair feels after its been washed with the Kevin Murphy products. Not to mention the shampoo and conditioner smells amazing. I spoke to my hairdresser and she said that the plumping shampoo/conditioner would be the best product for my hair type. My hair isn’t thin, I have a lot of it but it would be fine. So I left the hairdressers with the plumping shampoo and conditioner from the Kevin Murphy range.

My hairdresser recommended that when I wash my hair with the shampoo that I shampoo twice using a small amount of shampoo. She said the first shampoo is to clean the hair and the second shampoo is to wash it! So that is what I have been doing the past few weeks followed by using the plumping conditioner. I have to say the shampoo is lovely and you can get a great amount of suds from a small amount of product. The conditioner leaves my hair feeling so smooth instantly. All the Kevin Murphy products are made with natural ingredients and the smell from the plumping shampoo is amazing. The products are also not tested on animals which is another great thing about this brand.

I wanted to use this product for a while before I wrote a blog post on it as I wanted to give a good review and a honest one. I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about a month now. I try not to wash my hair everyday so I usually wash it every second day. So I feel that I have used the products enough to write the post.

At first I didn’t notice any major difference. My hair just smelt amazing afterwards and had a nice shine. It wasn’t until about 3 weeks in when I felt my hair thicker. I was tying it up in a bobbin one evening and I thought to myself ‘my hair doesn’t usually feel that thick’. It’s like that feeling when you get your hair cut and then you feel your pony tail and you instantly feel the difference. I thought it was my imagination and then I thought to myself it must be the shampoo and conditioner! I then had a good look at my hair and I think it does look a bit thicker than it was.

shampoo 3

I have to say I am delighted with the results. It’s great to invest in a product and the product does exactly what it says it will do! I’m going to continue to use the Kevin Murphy products and hopefully my hair will continue to get thicker!

You can purchase the Kevin Murphy products in salons nationwide or on the Kevin Murphy website which you will find if you click here.

As always thanks for taking the time to read this blog post.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Sarah-Ann x